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Matías Alé proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the Martín Fierro Federal ceremony: the video of the emotional moment


Matías Ale He proposed to his girlfriend, Martina Vignoloin the middle of the Martín Fierro Federal ceremony in Mendoza and he seemed more in love than ever.

The actor took the stage after winning a statuette, gave a speech of thanks and then surprised the 22-year-old with the marriage proposal.

Martina is there… I think no one has ever done this in a Martín Fierro and I’m going to do it. I said that if I won Martín Fierro, I was going to ask you if you wanted to marry me“, he expressed Matías Ale in front of the microphone, inviting his partner to come on stage.

“My love. I have love, I have work, health, I have my mother and my father. I’m not going to take your ring off. I’m going to take out my brother’s espadrille. This espadrille was given to me by my brother Elías, without him I would not be here. It’s the left leg. My brother is the right leg. “He has it in his house,” the comedian said excitedly.

“You have Martín Fierro in your hands, you have been supporting me, you encouraged me to do this. Mom is here. Can you help me get them to say yes?” I don’t know when but would you like to marry me?“he finally asked Martina. “Yes, obviously,” she replied.

“Is this before the end of the year?” asked Guillermo Andino, host of the event along with Pamela David. “I don’t know, my love, you decide… Let’s set a date,” said Alé, who finally knelt down like in the movies to formalize the proposal to his girlfriend.

Who is Matías Alé’s girlfriend

Matías Ale officially introduced his new girlfriend, Martina Vignoloweeks ago and he seemed more in love than ever.

The actor gave a note with the young woman, a physical education teacher and 24 years younger than him, and expressed his desire to be a father with her. In dialogue with the journalist Matias Vazquez for Show Partners (The thirteen)said that he met her this summer in Mar del Plata.

When the chronicler asked Martina what made her fall in love with Matías Alebe sincere: “His hug and his smile“. For his part, the comedian added: “We met in Mar del Plata, she worked in a children’s school. I met his parents too. In the summer nothing happened, we met there, but then we returned to Buenos Aires and connected. I’m happy“.

“I had great loves and in some she had not yet been born. Graciela Alfano taught me a lot because of the age difference, the same story as now, I was 22 and she was 47. So I know how to accompany and what things not to do so that the relationship doesn’t end. I learned many things, Graciela was a great teacher,” Matías recalled about his past love life with the diva.

The age difference is not noticeable, it does not affect us“, they both agreed. And Alé explained: “I want to give peace of mind to the elderly. Her universe is different from mine, perhaps I have a past that is difficult for the family to understand.”

“Do you want to be a father tomorrow?” Matías Vázquez asked him. “Not tomorrow, today. I already told her… I want her to be the mother of my children, she is the ideal“, he expressed confidently Matías Ale. Martina, for her part, assured that she would also like to be a mother, but not now: “You have to enjoy the journey.”

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