Friday, June 14, 2024

Mauro D’Alessio revealed which girl he liked before being with “Furia”: “She was quite cool about him”


Mauro D´Alessio He revealed in a recent interview that he liked Patria Chica before being with Juliana Furia Scaglione, and it was about Florence Regidor, current couple Nicolas Grosman. He revealed it, after the famous “ping-pong” that is all the rage on the internet.

“Did you like any other girls in the house?” the panelist asked Naiara Vecchio to the former GH, and the video quickly went viral. And Mauro responded: “I liked Florencia (Regidor).”

“Do you think something is going to happen outside the house?” he asked, and Mauro D´Alessio hill: “At first, I told her I liked her, I was very cool with her, but she was kind of shy. Then I was with Furia and she stayed with Nico… But both couples were fine.”

Who answered the red phone?

Florence Regidor She was the person who answered the red phone, and with great concern they made her wait until the last of the program. The good thing about it was that she earned a benefit for next week.

Florencia Regidor answered the red phone
Florencia Regidor answered the red phone

The benefit? Next week your votes will be worth double, that is, you have a spontaneous one to answer the red phone.

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