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Mauro from Big Brother suffered an accident while doing household chores


Mauro D’Alessio had an accident at home Big Brother (Telefe) while he was doing household chores.

The little brother I was drying the dishes that were wet in the pool the kitchenwhen one of them fell on the table and, when trying to catch it, it broke in his hand. Immediately, the player winced in pain and exclaimed: “No bolud*.”

Later, Coty Romero He told Virginia Demo and Zoe Bogach what happened: “Mauro cut himself.” Although the participant is in good condition, the Corrientes explained: “The cut is deep”.

What happened to Florencia Regidor in the kitchen

The @TronkOficial account through X showed a sequence of photos where Florence He scratches his backside, and then continued cooking pancakes with the same hand, without having washed himself first.

Fans called her “disgusting” and others took it with humor. Furthermore, they reminded Lisandro Navarro when he also made the news for committing an eschatological act.

Florencia Regidor carried out an eschatological act in kitchen 1
Florencia Regidor performed an eschatological act in the kitchen

“Do you remember Lysander? He returned in the form of a Flower”; “We forgive you Licha, at least you bathed”; “He is looking for the dulce de leche”; “It’s a lot, they forgot that there are cameras 24/7”; “Pancakes with sweet ca*eta”; “Cac* pancakes”; “And on top of that he doesn’t bathe,” users wrote.


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