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Maya Hawke is “totally comfortable” being a ‘nepo baby’

Maya Hawke is “totally comfortable” being a ‘nepo baby’

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Stranger Things star Maya Hawke has said she’s “totally comfortable” with being labelled a product of nepotism.

Hawke, whose parents are Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, doesn’t deny her family connections have given her an advantage in the entertainment industry. At 24, she has already released two studio albums, starred in a huge Netflix series, and has a role in the forthcoming Wes Anderson film Asteroid City, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival.

“I mean, I don’t like that particular phrase, nepo baby,” Hawke said in a new interview with the Irish Times. “But if you were to call me a child of nepotism, then I would be totally comfortable with it. There’s something about the hashtagginess of the term nepo baby that makes me itch. When we talk about our experiences in the film industry, we have different journeys.

“I feel like there’s a difference between what people imagine the advantages are and what they really are. The advantages are not having to worry about living hand to mouth and having information about how the industry works, how acting works, how to show up on set, how to be kind to people, and how to show respect for different departments. I feel deeply lucky to have that. This other idea, that you just appear on set, or that your parents are making calls for you, that’s not real.”

In the same interview, Hawke discussed her role in Asteroid City and revealed she was initially only supposed to be on-set for three days, but ended up staying for three weeks. She explained: “Wes walked out on his balcony over the set and said, ‘It’s your last day’ and I said, ‘I know. I’m devastated.’ And Wes says, ‘Well, do you have to go? What are you doing tomorrow?’ And I said, ‘Nothing.’ He said, ‘Okay. Give me a minute.’

“And then he walked back from his balcony into his room and he wrote me into another scene. Just as an extra. So I was supposed to be there for three days of work. And I was there for three weeks. I think I wrapped twice because I kept just asking if I could stay on. If you ever see my face in the background, it’s because I really wanted to be there.”

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