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MDG asks the government to send ships with emergency aid to Gaza


Norway should send emergency aid to Gaza by sea, says Lan Marie Nguyen Berg. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 28.05.2024 00:33:10

War and conflicts: – The best thing is if Israel opens the borders, so that emergency aid can come in, but all the time Israel refuses to do so, I believe that Norway should send ships with emergency aid to Gaza via sea, says Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, parliamentary representative for MDG, to The class struggle.

She points out that Britain has done this recently.

Raymond Johansen, secretary general of Norwegian People’s Aid, tells the newspaper that a sea route can “contribute something”, but will not be sufficient.

– The situation is desperate, and a sea route can contribute somewhat, but cannot replace delivery by trucks over land, he writes in a message.

Johansen also points out that the most important thing is that the border crossings are opened and that there is a ceasefire.

According to Gaza’s health authorities, at least 81,000 people have been injured in Israeli attacks since 7 October. The number of people killed has exceeded 36,000, according to the authorities.

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