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Mediation on a conveyor belt for the week – danger of strikes in aviation, oil and at Ikea


Ikea’s warehouses in the south, east and west of Norway may be affected by strikes next week. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 09.06.2024 09:03:12

Working life: – Will always claim that there is a significant risk of a strike when the negotiations end at the Riksmekleren, but we will do everything we can to avoid a strike, says Lise Olsen, head of negotiations for LO Stat to NTB.

She leads the negotiations for 900 employees in Avinor in this year’s salary settlement. On Tuesday, the parties will meet for mediation. The next day, strikes at Norwegian airports were a fact. In the first instance, 140 employees in Avinor will go on strike if there is no agreement between Spekter and the Norwegian Civil Service Union (NTL).

A conflict will affect almost everything that is operational at an airport: fire and rescue, technical services and administration. The airports in Bergen, Brønnøysund, Førde, Kirkenes, Kristiansand, Oslo and Ålesund are covered by the first strike which applies from 12 noon on Wednesday.

– We do not want planes to be stuck at the airports we have taken out on strike. For that reason, we are postponing a start-up, so as not to hit the airlines unnecessarily, says manager Ørjan Kvalvåg at NTL Luftfarten.

If they can’t do it, it says 113 members in the LO confederation IE & who are employed by SLB, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Oceaneering and Weatherford ready to stop work on Tuesday morning. The union has notified a total of 5,186 members of termination of employment, as well as 697 members who are bound by direct agreements with the union.

– In the first instance, we will take out a limited number of members in the event of a strike, but we will quickly be able to step up. The strike action will initially not affect production on the Norwegian continental shelf, says deputy leader Lill-Heidi Bakkerud in IE &.

Salary and staffing are central topics in the settlement.

“Employees in the oil service industry should also not lag behind in terms of pay compared to their colleagues in the operating companies,” says Bakkerud.

– We entered the negotiations with a desire to find good solutions for working hours and wages, but we see that we need help from the Ombudsman to reach the goal, says confederation leader Christopher Beckham in HK Norway.

The union plans to withdraw a total of 1,385 members already in the first round of the strike. In total, the redundancies apply to almost 2,600 employees. Mediation starts on Tuesday, the strike may be a fact on Thursday morning, but “In recent years, mediation has often been carried out well beyond the deadline, and this may happen this time as well”, the trade union states in a press release.

The collective agreement for technical personnel who carry out maintenance and repairs in the helicopter industry is also on the brokers’ table until next week. The Norwegian Helikopteransattes Forbund has announced layoffs for 583 employees in offshore traffic, the air ambulance and other parts of the helicopter industry, but it was too early on Friday to say who and how many will lay off work on Friday if the parties do not agree.

The collective bargaining agreement for around 4,900 onshore employees in the oil industry, as well as offshore workers who are not covered by the operator agreement, was agreed before the end of the month. But the settlement for employees at the petroleum installations on the shelf rests with the mediator. The parties will meet on Sunday and Monday to try to agree on a new Oil Service Agreement for over 6,000 employees in supplier companies in the oil industry.

Ikea, Oda and Tools are hit by strikes if Handel og Kontor does not agree with NHO handel og Service in the forced mediation next week. When the parties broke off the negotiations and sent the settlement to the Ombudsman, they had failed to agree on “further development of the Trade Agreement” – the collective agreement for employees in a number of trading companies.

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