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Meteorologists warn of sudden weather changes in southern Norway


The thunderstorms that are expected in southern Norway on the night of Sunday can bring locally strong gusts of wind. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute warns that there will be local differences in intensity. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

Of NTB | 25.05.2024 16:04:17

Accidents and natural disasters: – Thunderstorms can bring with them locally strong wind gusts of between 15 and 25 meters per second and locally strong rain showers.

The Meteorological Institute warns the hazard warning too much lightning in Southern Norway and parts of Eastern Norway this weekend. The danger increases from 20:00 on Saturday, and will last until 05:00 on Sunday.

– Where it comes from is difficult to say. People should be prepared. This will be local and unpredictable. But it really applies to the whole of southern Norway, i.e. from Trøndelag and southwards, meteorologist on duty Olav Erikstad at StormGeo tells Television 2.

For large parts of both Southern and Eastern Norway, it already is ongoing danger for forest fires after many weeks of little rainfall.

On Sunday, according to state meteorologist Vibeke Thyness, it is expected that it will blow up to strong winds in the Oslofjord and outer Skagerrak. In the whole of Southern and Eastern Norway, there will be a lot of rain with the risk of thunder towards the afternoon.

– The air is unstable. It’s like watching a kettle of boiling water that is going to bubble over, adds Thyness NRK.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute advises people to keep up to date with the weather over the weekend. If the expected lightning strikes, the institute’s advice is to disconnect electrical appliances and avoid open plains, large trees and water.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute points out that lightning poses a risk of damage to objects, fire in buildings and vegetation, and that the power supply may be affected.

She goes on to say that the unstable and moist air will continue to affect the weather in southern Norway into next week.

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