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Mexico announces agreement with China and South Korea against fentanyl trafficking

Mexico announced this Friday, May 26, an agreement with China and South Korea to fight against the importation of fentanyl, a synthetic drug which causes tens of thousands of overdoses in the United States.

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With our correspondent in Mexico, Gwendolina Duval

Mexico, through the public prosecutor, will sign an agreement with the Chinese police, promised the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. And he will do the same with South Korea. He assures that the two Asian countries are willing to collaborate. The idea would be to exchange information on maritime transport from China and towards Mexico in order to avoid the arrival of fentanyl on its territory.

With this future agreement, the government hopes to calm the United States a little on this subject. The American neighbor puts strong pressure on Mexico which he accuses of being the first route of entry for this drug into the United States. The DEA, the United States Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, accuses a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel and sons of El Chapo to be involved in this traffic between China and Mexico.

The Mexican government has been asking China for help for several weeks now. Beijing has so far rather kicked in touch, saying that there is no fentanyl trafficking in China. But Mexico now says it has proof: earlier this month, in ports on the Pacific coast, Mexican authorities seized large quantities of fentanyl and other chemical elements in shipments arriving from Asia.

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