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Migue Granados repudiated Jorge Rial’s criticism of streaming


Migue Granados he got fully into the controversy over whether there is an age to streamas one of the references of this format.

The creator of Olga spoke about the criticism of Jorge Rial where he stated: “Streaming is not for people over 40. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Love each other a little. Leave the kids“.

For this reason, the artist defended his idea that “Streaming has no age, there is something for all tastes and it is proven”. He even made a big bet on his channel with Yayo Guridi in “Nona is missed” at the age of 58 and it ended up being the most watched program.

Furthermore, the journalist made this criticism after Casella debuted on Bondi Live on this platform. Then, Migue Granados showed his annoyance in Show Partners (The thirteen): “Stop brother, it started a day ago. It’s building. There are many people who consume Beto who want to see him on another platform. When we started, fewer people also saw us.”

What Beto Casella said about Jorge Rial’s criticism

Beto Casella picked up the gauntlet and defended his place in streaming Bondi, where it debuted this week. “Several professionals would then have to withdraw from YouTube and streaming with millions of followers… It is totally stupid to think that streaming is for kids“, stated the driver in a note with Show Partners (The thirteen).

It seems like a stupid idea to me…, from someone who has an old head. “I go out to earn a living thinking that people are going to have fun,” he said. Beto Casella. And he added sharply: “Some of us can go out on the street all day and have them tell you ‘I’ll bench you’, but there are people who can’t go out on the street… Those who got into the crack very bravely, they get screwed.” .

You have journalist tweeters, a little forgotten, who are uploading to Twitter more spicy than before, because before they thought about crafts, and when you remember, they offered you a program or to be a panelist on a program. It’s a play, as our mothers used to say: ‘We are few and we know each other a lot.’ So it’s fine, that everyone makes a living as he can, and one makes a living according to what he has in his head,” she said.

“Luckily and thank God, my company never told me what I have to say, what line to follow or ‘I went out to hit this guy’. I hope I never have to do it because I’m older and I no longer believe, at this point, Let me dedicate myself to that. I’m calm and I can be here talking to you for an hour and the guy on the bike passes by or the guy on the motorcycle passes by saying ‘Betito, Betito’, that’s my main capital. Let everyone do what they want, whatever they sing freely.“, he expressed.

As long as it is genuine, you will do well and they will receive you well. And if not, you are hiding in the networks waiting for others to do poorly. There are colleagues who spend all day watching to see if the other is doing badly. You can’t live like this, it seems to me that so much hate makes you sick,” he concluded. Beto Casella.


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