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Miguel and his dissertation on toilets

I tell you:

The mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia, Miguel Trevino de Hoyosarrived very inspired at the Gala of “Windows of the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey”.

The board of trustees of said association, chaired by Barbara Herrera de Garzaorganized a dinner for more than 400 people from the royal world of business and politics.

It was enlivened with various numbers of Cuban urban folklore and among the guests were the mayors of Monterrey –Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, who arrived in shirt sleeves with his wife Maria de la Luz Garcia– and its SPGG counterpart.

$!Miguel Treviño de Hoyos and Bárbara Herrera de Garza, at the Windows Gala.

Miguel Treviño de Hoyos and Bárbara Herrera de Garza, at the Windows Gala.

Miguel arrived very inspired, and when he took his turn at the microphone, in one of the most brilliant pieces of oratory ever heard, he delved into the controversial issue of the toilets in the public parks of the municipality.

As a reference, the mayor of SPGG shelved the issue of the toilets in parks and public squares, during the Cabildo session on January 28, 2020.

On that date, he closed the controversy over the inclusion of toilets in the park of Colonia Bosques del Valle and pronounced the following words at the close of said session with trustees and councilors:

$!Miguel Treviño at the Ventanas gala of the ESMD of Monterrey.

Miguel Treviño at the Ventanas gala of the ESMD of Monterrey.

Yes, the work is already in progress and this started a long time ago with a consultation. there it is advancing”.

Message on the ESMD

In a very inspired message to those attending the ESMDMiguel referred to how important it is to have toilets in the parks, because -as he explained in his flowery dissertation- they are an essential part of those places.

$!Location of the restrooms in one of the parks.

Location of the toilets in one of the parks.

He does not imagine that a recreation area can exist without its respective toilet.

They are a vital part of society and citizens must always have a toilet at hand”, said the mayor verbatim.

$!Cabildo Session, January 28, 2021

Cabildo Session, January 28, 2021

A park without a toilet, it’s not a park, that’s why I paid a lot of attention so that there were no shortages for walkers. I would never have been able to sleep peacefully if there were no toilets in the parks.”, he concluded his message and thanked those present.


The surprised attendees looked at each other and did not know whether to applaud before such an eloquent and inspiring piece of speech… or take advantage of the moment to go to the bathroom..”, concludes the irreverent my Gaby.

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