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Mike Johnson will present an aid package to Israel next week


Speaker Mike Johnson says he will introduce a package of support for Israel in the House of Representatives this week. Photo: Wilfredo Lee / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 14.04.2024 20:53:08

War and conflicts: Johnson would not say whether the decision should include support for Ukraine, but the White House, the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate want him to put the package that has already been approved in the Senate to a vote as soon as possible.

The $95 billion package includes aid to Israel, Ukraine and other allies, which Johnson has shelved amid opposition from conservative Republicans and Donald Trump.

Johnson has instead tried to create his own package, in which aid to Ukraine is shaped as loans instead of grants, following pressure from Trump.

Johnson made his pledge after Majority Leader Steve Scalise made it clear that the House of Representatives must respond to Iran’s attack with support for Israel.

Johnson is struggling to unite the deeply divided Republicans in the House of Representatives. Many of Trump’s allies are against supporting Ukraine, and strongly conservative Marjorie Taylor Greene is threatening to have Johnson thrown out as speaker if he accepts such support.

But other Republicans, such as the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Michael McCaul, expect the House of Representatives to vote on support for both Ukraine and Israel next week.

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