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Mirtha Legrand expressed her discontent with her statue in Villa Cañás


Mirtha Legrand has expressed his discontent after they replaced the statue in his honor in his hometown Villa Cañás.

The design made of bronze It had already been displayed previously but had been removed because La Chiqui had not liked it. since his gaze was made upward. For that reason, They corrected some defects and put it back in the public eye..

However, the driver is still not satisfied: “My bust has been replaced again in Villa Cañás and it is ugly, I don’t like it. I don’t want it to be in my town, I don’t want it. The bronze… all I have seen, it has no teeth. “It doesn’t have to have teeth because they come out bad.”

“The Mayor sent it to me but I don’t like it, I don’t like that my town has that. I’m not that one,” she said in Mirtha’s Night (The thirteen). And he joked: “I think I’m going to die and they’re going to leave it there”.

What was Mirtha Legrand’s program like?

As usual, Mirtha Legrand went to the bone with his questions in the table and bothered Susana Roccasalvo by reminding her of her past as a star.

Do you have someone who informs you?“, the diva wanted to know on her program, Mirtha’s Night (El Trece), in reference to the present professional of the announcer, who is dedicated to the world of entertainment.

Not anymore. I am dedicated purely and exclusively to theater, cinema, television“, responded the driver of Relentless (The nine). “Were you an actress, Susana?” Mirtha continued. “I couldn’t be, I didn’t have the chance,” said the guest.

You weren’t in a magazine, were you?“Insisted spicy Legrand.”Well… that was… I’m not going to say ‘a stain on my past’… but that was the middle of the Mar del Plata season, with the company of Jorge Corona“Roccasalvo said, somewhat uncomfortable. “The worst thing is that the photos are“, he noted.

“Between the dear Aldo Albamonte, My beloved journalistic producer and the producer of the work, Alejandro Arellano, agreed and put together a show for me to debut as a star. And well, at 40 years old I could afford that luxury,” he explained.

And he recalled: “It was one night, and it was terrible. There were no chairs because the theater was packed. There were Yanina Zilli, Mónica Ayos… look at the girls and me dressed as a star. Andor I didn’t dance, I was like the attraction of the night, I came out with a suit, very pretty and feminine“.


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