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Mirtha Legrand’s discomfort due to an eschatological comment by Cachete Sierra on the air: “Horrible, horrible what he said”


Agustín “Cachete” Sierra He made an eschatological comment in the open air and made people uncomfortable. Mirtha Legrand.

The diva asked the actor in Having lunch with Juana – Mirtha Special (El Trece) for his sentimental present, and he gave an unexpected response that ended up making the host blush.

What happened between Cachete Sierra and Mirtha Legrand

Do you currently have a partner?“, He wanted to know Mirtha. “Not now. I have my dog, Marta, who is a faithful companion“, be sincere Sierra cheek. “Did you bring it?” the driver asked him.

“No, I left her at home. Because also he farts loudly… I have to say, we are going to whitewash it here. He lets out some silent flatulence and suddenly you say ‘oops, Marta’. I couldn’t educate her for that, that’s why I didn’t bring her.“, the actor shot without a filter.

Noticeably uncomfortable, Mirtha Legrand He stated: “Horrible, horrible what he said. Enough, enough. I don’t know if I’m not going to cut this. Awful“.

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