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Moria Casán’s emotion after receiving her first nomination at the Gardel Awards


Moria Casan spoke about the nomination he received with Lali Esposito for the video clip of the song “Who are they?” at the Gardel Awards.

In dialogue with Intruders (América) the diva referred to the first shortlist she received in her career in the musical field in her collaboration with the singer: “As soon as I found out, I called her to congratulate her, the idea is all hers and the video was incredible. It has seven nominations, one of them is the video clip and I am happy. The ‘who they are’ is for the haters.”

Besides, The One defined the artist in a very affectionate way: “I see Lali as a pop gladiator. It is a very personal mine, very launched, very played and is diversifying his career. I see her as a Morita Casanietta“.

What nominations did Lali Espósito receive for the Gardel Awards?

Lali Espósito celebrated with her fans the large number of nominations she received for the Gardel Awardswhich will take place on May 28 at the Movistar Arena.

The singer shared a message on her Instagram account: “Crazy I just woke up with the news that we have seven nominations for the Gardel Awards with the album LALI. This Obsession as a recording as a song of the year and as an album of the year, that’s crazy. There is the album as a pop album, there is Who are they? for best short video. She’s amazing, so excited.”

In addition, he made a special dedication to his work environment: “I’m sending messages with Maurito, my producer, with the entire Sony team. Crazy, thank you very much, what a thrill. I can’t believe these nominations, being with such cool artists, with albums that came out so cool.“. And he shouted: “Hold on to Argentine music“.

In this way, the actress received nominations in the categories of ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Best Pop Artist Album’ and ‘Producer of the Year’ for LALI‘Song of the Year’, ‘Best Pop Song’ and ‘Record of the Year’ by Obsession and ‘Best short video clip’ by Who are they? with the special participation of Moria Casán.


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