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Motorway collapsed in southern China – at least 24 dead


The stretch of road collapsed in the middle of the night near Meizhou in Guangdong province. The state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua has published this aerial photo of the crash site. Photo: Xinhua via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/01/2024 13:04:03

Accidents and natural disasters: According to the Chinese state channel, 18 vehicles with a total of 49 people were hit by what is referred to as a geological natural accident.

Guangdong province has recently been hit by heavy rains and major floods.

It was initially stated that 19 people lost their lives, but the figure was later adjusted up to 24.

A further 30 people are being treated in hospital, but the extent of the damage is unknown.

The accident happened on the night of Wednesday local time. An 18-metre-long stretch of road collapsed, according to CCTV. The accident site is near the city of Meizhou.

Photos on social media show that the motorway runs along a ridge. One of the roadways has partially collapsed, and you can also see damaged cars that appear to have fallen from the destroyed roadway.

Around 500 rescue workers are said to have rushed to the scene after the accident.

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