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MP LR Annie Genevard, a consensual personality for a tough law

Annie Genevard, April 27

Annie Genevard, April 27

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Why are we talking about her? It was under the leadership of the Secretary General of the Republicans that the LR bill was drawn up detailing the toolbox of the right, excluding reform of the Constitution, to fight against “mass immigration”.

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On the menu in particular: vote each year on immigrant quotas and return of the double penalty and the offense for illegal residence. The text is strongly inspired by a bill from Senator François-Noël Buffet, but hardening it on certain points such as the questioning of the right of the soil.

Who is she ? At 66, Annie Genevard is a respected figure on the right and one of the pillars of the LR group in the National Assembly. Member of Parliament since 2012, she was re-elected with more than 72% of the votes in the second round in 2022. Her consensual personality had earned her the reins of the party for a few months after the departure of Christian Jacob.

But that did not prevent her friends from dismissing her from the vice-presidency of the National Assembly – which she held between 2017 and 2022 –, to ensure a post of quaestor for Éric Ciotti. If this ex-filloniste is discreet, she is not lukewarm: “firmness guarantees social peace and better integration”, she pleads about the muscular proposals of LR on immigration.

She said : “We are not waiting for the government to resolve its contradictions on immigration. We are moving forward.” at the JDD.

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