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Nacho Castañares revealed who he wants to win Big Brother 2023: “I see him more”


Nacho Castañeras He said that he has his favorite participant in the new edition of Big Brother. He also indicated what the real enemy of Juliana Fury Scaglione inside the most famous house in the country.

“Who wins?”they asked him from TN Show. “I’m going to Martín Ku’s side. “I see him more,” he claimed. And they asked him again: “Do you think Fury is going to fall by the wayside?”. And he answered: “I think so. When everything becomes so linear that everyone believes someone is going to win, then it takes a turn and (that person) “It ends up coming out.”

Nacho Castañeras 1
Nacho Catañeras

“Her biggest disadvantage is herself and I think that with the plates she has been throwing off, she is going to take a turn that may end up going away. “It may be in the final too,” closed forcefully Nacho Castañares.

Who does Nacho Castañeras know inside the Big Brother house?

Nacho Castañares revealed that he knows one of the new participants of Big Brother who entered the gala on March 5 and revolutionized the house.

Through a tweet on x (ex Twitter), the runner-up of the last edition of the reality show commented: “Guys, Damián worked with me when I was a waiter.“.

Nacho Castañares meets Damián César Moya

Then, Nacho Castañares decided to reveal more details and commented on which site they had worked together with César Moya: “From the GEVP dining room (Gimnasia y Esgrima de Villa del Parque) to GH non-stop”.

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