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Nancy Dupláa revealed which actor kisses best in Argentine fiction: “He has experience”


Nancy Duplaa spoke in Not everything has been said (The 100) and stated that Adrian Suar He is the best kisser in Argentine fiction. Likewise, he assured that everyone kisses well but he has experience that others do not have.

“The best fictional kisser?” slipped Guido Kaczka. And he responded without mincing words: “Everyone eh, but Ardína was a very good kisser.”

FinallyNancy Duplaa hill: “Yes, because he has experience, he knows how to see, and he has to do with that.”

What did Nancy Dupláa say about the political operations against her?

Nancy Duplaa He spoke about the criticism and attacks he constantly suffers due to his marked ideological stance, and assured that he was a victim of political operations.

In dialogue with the journalist Tatiana Schapiro for Infobaethe actress stated: “It’s whatever they say about me. Someone prove that I lived off the State, and that now I have to work because I never worked. Or that he handed me an envelope, that Cristina banked my husband’s producer.. Anything. But hey, we have no choice but to learn to carry it. Some drivers say it, in debates where there are panels. Things like that are said on the radio, as if in passing.”

“Did they never receive anything from Cristina (Kirchner)?” the interviewer asked. “No no. We never charge anything from Cristina. No no. But I don’t care to clarify it anymore. That’s it,” she simply clarified. Nancy Duplaa.

In turn, the artist recalled that on several occasions she was attacked while she was with Pablo Echarri and their children in some public space: “They have attacked us in places, with them. One day they attacked us and I lost them both, I couldn’t find them. I remember and it’s strong… It’s like being slapped in the back and you’re with the kids. Or attack us with cell phones on, with a speech that you see in certain communicators.“.

“Then you already say: ‘This person is a victim of what they put in his head, like a zombie. What do I do? Do I fight for the truth or do I go to sleep peacefully with my truth on my back?’ I’m going to sleep peacefully with my truth on my back… And in the meantime I’m getting stronger inside to be able to endure what I’m not going to be able to change. That’s it. Am I going to explain to you one by one that I didn’t steal?“, he stated.

When the journalist asked him if he regretted his statements about Guillermo Francella for his support of Javier Mileideclared: “No. That’s what I think. But It was not to be debated, that is my opinion. I respect him, I worked with him and he was a spectacular colleague, we had a great time, we laughed our asses off.“.

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