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Natalie Weber, outraged by the electricity bill that arrived at her home in Nordelta: “May God bless me”


Natalie Weber He revealed the electricity bill that arrived at his home in Nordelta, and expressed his indignation at the increase from one month to the next.

How much does Natalie Weber have to pay for electricity?

In the air of American breakfast (America TV) They were talking about the increase in services, when the model said: “I got the ticket. It is 549 thousand pesos. May God bless me, I’m going to wear four sweatshirts, five socks… I have a high consumption because I have centralized heating, but I went from 200 to 549 thousand“.

“I’m not complaining about the increase because it’s normal that there is one, I don’t deserve to be subsidized, but in such a short time so much…” he added Natalie Weber.

“Consciousness, Weber,” he asked. Pamela David seeing that the bill showed more than 12 thousand kWH of consumption. And Mauro Zárate’s wife explained: “No, I swear we turn off the lights, we have a conscience… But it happens that in the new architectures of the house everything is electric.”

Weeks ago, Alejandro Fantino also publicly expressed his anger over the amount he had to pay for the radio station.. Before announcing the amount that the electricity received, the driver made it clear that he was going to pay the millionaire number and expressed his concern about the difficulty of small media outlets (like Neura) in transferring these cost increases to the price of the service. .

“There goes the number. “Almost five million pesos!”exclaimed the driver, and showed the ticket for $4,294,566 into the air.

We are going to pay it, of course we are going to pay it. Now what do I do? What do I charge you? She asked you. What do we make more expensive? It’s like me saying ‘from now on the minimum super chat (a feature that viewers pay to participate in the chat) is $50.’ And no, I can’t tell you. Tell me then what happens to an ordinary company”he added.

Although he avoided questioning the rate deregulation policy proposed by the government of Javier Mileiquestioned the continuity of Neura in the face of the increases that will come, and gave a warning.

“I am going to say this openly, I love doing communication, working at Neura and doing this communication phenomenon that we do. But If the chotaz start coming… like that, the pij… like that, tomorrow the streaming tax goes away, you get the tax on something else and I have to come to work paying… No guys, I’m telling you honestly, We close this and I’m going to work on the channel that gives me work”, he warned.

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