Nathy Peluso will present her album “Grasa” in Buenos Aires

Nathy Peluso will present her album “Grasa” in Buenos Aires

Nathy Peluso will return to his native country as part of his international tour to present his third album “Fat”which has collaborations from DukiCa7riel and Paco Amoroso.

The artist who resides in Spain will say she is present at the Movistar Arena next October 30“where he takes his versatility and interpretive solidity to a new level.”

Tickets can be purchased through pre-sale exclusively for BBVA Mastercard customers from Thursday 6/27 at 1:00 p.m. Or for the general sale on Friday 6/28 at 1:00 p.m.. If you have this card, you can purchase your tickets in up to 6 installments without interest.

Nathy Peluso will present her album “Grasa” in Buenos Aires
Nathy Peluso in Argentina

In Latin America he will also do his show on October 27 in Mexico and November 6 in Chile.

Nathy Peluso’s defense of her Argentine nationality

After suffering a strong cancellation on the network, Nathy Peluso he made a live broadcast from his account instagramin which she explained how she took the criticism she received for saying she felt Spanish.

The singer assured that her defense was only addressed to those fans who truly know her and who understood what she meant in the interview for Vogue Spain magazine: “I really This goes to the people who trust my message, everything I have said and written about my country is something I have done from honesty.from a super genuine place, from admiration, from a super deep nostalgia that any immigrant can understand.”

On the other hand, Nathy He pointed out against the portals that replicated the news: “What media uses for a clickbytebecause people want a click, They are crazy about having a click and people decontextualize“. Fluff He also spoke directly to the public of his country of birth: “I really would like them to keep the love that I have given to all my lyrics. Through years of work of showing affection and commitment to my culture, to my audience, to the people who have seen me, it grows.r”.

The “Buenos Aires” singer also told what is the most valuable thing she has about her native country: “In Argentina I learned a lot about feminism, I learned many things about what it means to be an artist loved by your audience.“.


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