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Nazarena Vélez’s lethal reaction against Edith Hermida for a comment about her relationship with Santiago Caamaño: “Piece of soreta”


Edith Hermida made a spicy comment about the relationship Nazarena Velez and Santiago Caamanoand the actress did not let it go.

What happened between Nazarena Vélez and Edith Hermida

In the air of Having lunch with Juana – Mirtha Special (El Trece), Nazarena was talking about her present as an actress and producer for her partner, when the announcer made a sharp comment.

Santiago Caamaño has been my boyfriend for five years, he is beautiful, a hottie, and a great actor. Good people“, he expressed Nazarena Velez. “This one lasted“, he noted Edith Hermida.

Far from letting it go, the artist replied: “Piece of soreta. How did she last? I have had couples and they lasted five or six years. “We are going to celebrate six years in January with him.”

Six years, how crazy! I can’t believe it“she continued ironically Edith Hermida. “Well…” he simply responded. Nazarena Velezavoiding entering into controversy.

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