NCT group’s Renjun was disowned for exposing a netizen’s number online

NCT group’s Renjun was disowned for exposing a netizen’s number online

The singer Renjunmember of the K-Pop group NCTwho is in a temporary pause from your group activities due to anxiety problemspersonally apologized for revealing the phone number of a netizen.

What happened to Renjun?

Through his personal Instagram account, Renjun NCT issued an apology for leaking a young woman’s phone number through the messaging platform Bubblestating that the number was owned by a sasaeng (obsessive fan who stalks and engages in questionable behavior) who called him.

I apologize to those who were affected by my reckless actions. from yesterday. I always wanted to bring positive energy through music and performances, but my judgment was clouded in a moment and I made the wrong decision. I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt or suffered because of me.. Please stop contacting the affected person due to my reckless behavior. I deeply regret my actions and I will be more careful not to act impulsively in the future. “Once again, I apologize to everyone who was hurt because of me,” she said.

NCT group’s Renjun was disowned for exposing a netizen’s number online
Apologies Renjun from NCT

Previously, Renjun revealed incidents in which sasaengs illegally obtained his personal schedule, sat next to him on flights and took photos of him while he slept. After this, she declared her intention to publicly reveal the phone numbers if they continued to be stalked.

After its publication, his agency SM Entertainment issued a formal apology. “On June 20, Renjun mistakenly thought that an unknown number calling him was from a sasaeng and exposed it on a fan communication platform. We sincerely apologize for revealing his contact information on a public platform and the person may have been affected. negatively because of this.”

“After learning that the victim had contacted the local police station, we immediately apologized through the official investigator and took action to remove the post. We will continue to work to prevent further harm and kindly ask that people refrain to contact the victim. Renjun is deeply reflecting on his careless actions and we also sincerely apologize for our shortcomings in managing our artist. We once again apologize for causing concern to the victim and many others,” the agency said.

NCT Dream's Renjun
NCT Dream’s Renjun

Renjun has since been disowned online for leaking the phone number, and the owner of the number, Ms. C, stated that she called the wrong number and had no intention of calling Renjun at all.

The alleged victim also criticized SM Entertainment for apologizing through a statement instead of directly to her. Renjun’s manager then contacted Ms. C to apologize on Renjun’s behalf, and the manager allegedly stated that he would “try to prevent the number from being leaked as much as possible.” However, the manager then allegedly asked Ms. C, “Isn’t it possible that you are her sasaeng?”

The young woman went to the police and said, “It’s my fault for making the wrong call, but is it okay to leak the number of an unverified ordinary citizen in such a public place?” Two or three hours later, the investigator called me and told me that SM’s legal team would apologize, but the apology hasn’t come yet. I had to change my phone number and receive insults from strangers just because I made the wrong call.. I demand a proper explanation from SM.”

Fans defend Renjun
Fans defend Renjun

However, although some fans came out to strongly question the idol, many other fans supported him and demanded that SM take better care of their artists so that these issues do not happen, since Renjun has been suffering harassment from several strangers and A statement was never issued about it.

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