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Netanyahu addresses Congress on July 24


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress will take place on July 24, according to sources for the AP and AFP news agencies. Photo: Gil Cohen-Magen / Pool Photo via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 07.06.2024 01:33:04

Policy: The two party leaders in Congress last invited Netanyahu to speak. The invitation is seen as a statement of support, even though it comes at a time when there is growing political disagreement about US support for Israel. It was then unclear when the speech will take place.

These days, great pressure is being put on both Israel and Hamas to enter into a permanent ceasefire, and Israel has become increasingly diplomatically isolated.

Netanyahu’s visit will also probably be marked by opposition and demonstrations from elected representatives in Congress and from pro-Palestinian demonstrators outside. Netanyahu’s relationship with US President Joe Biden has also cooled in recent months. Biden has both privately and publicly criticized Netanyahu’s handling of the war and the Israeli government’s unwillingness to release more humanitarian aid.

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