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– Never happened so close to the final, says expert


President of the Norwegian MGP club, Morten Thomassen, says it is sad but understandable that Dutch artist Joost Klein has been disqualified for tonight’s Eurovision final. Archive photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 11.05.2024 12:55:27

Culture and entertainment: – This is the first time a participant has been disqualified so close to the competition, says Morten Thomassen, who is president of the Norwegian Grand Prix club, to NTB.

It was the organizer who announced on Saturday afternoon that Dutch Joost Klein will not be allowed to participate in the evening’s final. It comes after Swedish police investigated a complaint from a female member of the production about an incident following his performance in the semi-final on Thursday.

While the investigation is ongoing, it would not be right for him to continue in the competition, writes the Eurovision organizer in a press release.

– It is a shame, but understandable, that he is disqualified when his behavior breaks the rules of the competition, says Thomassen.

He does not necessarily believe that the exclusion of Klein helps draw attention away from Israel’s participation in the singing competition, which has been controversial.

– It can go both ways, but I think perhaps many will blame Israel, at least indirectly, for why Klein acted the way he did.

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