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New artists skip the Eurovision event


Malmö Pride has withdrawn as co-organizer of a concert with 2014 winner Conchita Wurst (pictured) during Eurovision in Malmö. Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB

Of NTB | 16.04.2024 09:53:03

War and conflicts: Dotter and Titiyo were both supposed to perform in the Eurovision Village, which is the official festival area in Malmö where a number of concerts and events take place from 4 to 11 May.

In the past, among others, Medina has canceled an agreed appearance, TT reports.

Titiyo’s booking manager states “logistical reasons” for the cancellation. On his Instagram account Dotter has received a number of calls to boycott Eurovision because Israel is participating.

Malmö Pride, which was supposed to be co-organizer of a concert with former Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, has also withdrawn.

The war in Gaza has led to just over 1,000 Swedish artists signing a petition against Israel being allowed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Organizer EBU insists that the singing competition is not a political event, and demands that incitement and hatred against participating artists in social media must cease.

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