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New Caledonia: The state of emergency is lifted


Protesters met French President Emmanuel Macron in New Caledonia last week. Photo: Ludovic Marin / pool via AP/ NT

Of NTB | 27.05.2024 03:23:06

War and conflicts: With the new 480 members of the gendarmerie, the paramilitary French police force, the total number of French security forces will be around 3,500.

The state of emergency is scheduled to be lifted at 8 p.m. Monday French time, which corresponds to 5 a.m. Tuesday local time in the archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

On Thursday last week, President Emmanuel Macron visited the archipelago in an attempt to calm the mood.

According to a statement from the president’s office, the lifting of the state of emergency shows the French authorities’ willingness to re-establish the basis for dialogue.

In the last two weeks, seven people have been killed, hundreds arrested and a number of buildings set on fire in riots.

The dispute is about a change in the law that will give the right to vote and thus more political influence to around 25,000 French immigrants who have lived continuously in New Caledonia for over ten years. Until now, the right to vote for anyone who did not live here before 1998 has been “frozen”

The indigenous Kanak people have long been fighting for independence. They accuse the French authorities of going ahead with a controversial reform without taking into account the strong opposition among the majority of the territory’s inhabitants.

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