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New forecast in the EU elections: EPP clearly the largest


The EPP party group looks set to be the big winner in the EU elections. It strengthens Ursula von der Leyen’s chances of being re-elected as President of the European Commission. Photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 00:03:14

Policy: There are 13 mandates more than today, according to the latest forecast in the election for the new EU Parliament.

The forecast is based on the election results from all 27 EU countries. Fine counting remains, but the final result will probably not differ greatly.

– This is a good day for the EPP. We won the election, declared the President of the European Commission and the EPP’s lead candidate Ursula von der Leyen shortly after the result was announced.

The result strengthens von der Leyen’s chances of being re-elected.

The two party groups on the far right wing, ECR and ID, get 72 and 58 representatives respectively. There is an increase of three mandates for ECR and nine for ID.

Liberal Renew retains its place as the third largest party group with 80 mandates.

The fall is greatest for the Greens, who have to endure a decrease of 19 mandates – from 72 to 53.

The left-wing parties in the party group The Left lose only one mandate and end up with 36 representatives.

Around 100 representatives do not currently belong to any of the groups.

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