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New leaks appear on channel 3+500 in Torreón despite Conagua’s commitment


Channel 3+500 continues to be an “uncomfortable neighbor” for the Torreón Mixtec Junction, because every time it carries water, it leaks into one of the viaducts of the road system, a problem that has been going on for more than 10 years, but could have consequences. on infrastructure, which is why different calls have been made by the Municipality to the Conagua to address this situation and resolve it.

For the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Torreón it is not a minor problem, For this reason, the repair of the cracks that have formed in the front of the canal walls has been insisted on, where the previously reported leaks continue.which affects the walls of the Mixteco Knot, considering that the life and integrity of those who pass through the place could be put at risk, since the water continues to flow considerably, as stated in the trades that the owner, Jorge Luis Juárez Llanas, has sent to the unit.

On May 22, Luis Vitar Soto, director of Conagua’s Hydro-Agricultural Infrastructure, responded by means of an official letter that a physical-ocular inspection was carried out and confirmed that there are still leaks in the unevenness towards the intersection of Prolongación Constitución and El Tajito boulevards, as well as cracks in the front of the walls of the road system. He pointed out that maintenance and conservation work was carried out before the opening of the dam system, in the first days of March, in the right lateral channel 3+500, and in mid-May concrete was injected into the outer joint of the bridge slab over the asphalt layer, with which “the indicated affectation was corrected”.

However, it should be noted that, even with these repairs reported by Conagua, in less than a week the leaks had already reappeared, abundantly, and the cracks remain. The agency blamed the “vehicular traffic that passes through said bridge, the vibration induces cracking in the slabs of channel 3+500 and in the supports of said bridge” and recommended a structural and functional review of the bridge, considering the hydraulic capacity of the bridge. channel.

The structure and maintenance of the irrigation canal is by the National Water Commission (Conagua) and the association of users of the modules of the Irrigation District 017. The second season of the agricultural irrigation cycle began on May 12 and ends on July 28.

The Mixteco Junction of Torreón is one of the main road distributors in the region and through which thousands of vehicles circulate at all hours. The municipal government has carried out various studies regarding the leaks detected at one end of the road system, to which Conagua has responded that it will be followed up, but there is no permanent solution.So the problem comes back.

It has been observed that the trickles of water have had reaches, even in the area of ​​vehicular circulation, although for the moment no major consequences have been detected in the structural part. Last year, Conagua promised to repair the canal, but again the leak occurred.

Within the effects of the leaks, damage to the asphalt layer has been detected. The lack of maintenance of the Conagua in irrigation canals and other conducting bodies has been a claim for a long time.

This week, Once again, the Torreón Civil Protection and Fire Department sent a letter to the regional director of Conagua, Eduardo Fuentes Silvawhere it is formally stated that physical-ocular inspections of the leaks are still being carried out and the unevenness towards the intersection of Prolongación Constitución and El Tajito boulevards is still observed, cracks have also been detected in the front of the canal walls where the leaks continue previously reported, which affects the walls of the Mixtec Knot.

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