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New volcanic eruption in Iceland – fears the magma will penetrate under Grindavik


The new volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland began on Wednesday afternoon, only a few hours after the decision was made to evacuate the village of Grindavik. Photo: Screenshot / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 29.05.2024 15:53:11

Accidents and natural disasters: An emergency alert has been declared, and emergency services and others in Grindavik must be prepared to evacuate at very short notice, writes the Icelandic Civil Defense.

The eruption is between Stora Skogfell and Sylingafell, writes the national broadcaster Rúv.

Geologist Kristin Jonsdottir tells the broadcaster that the eruption is over a kilometer long, perhaps around a kilometer and a half. Colleague Benedikt Ofeigs believes the length is closer to 2.5 kilometres.

Grindavik and The Blue Lagoon were evacuated on Wednesday morning local time after increased seismic activity was recorded in the area. A thermal power plant was also evacuated.

It is the fifth outbreak in just under half a year, writes the newspaper Morning leaf time.

Only a small number of the permanent residents of Grindavik have returned home to the village after the previous outbreaks. Morgunbladid reported that the evacuation was completed at 1pm local time. Iceland is two hours behind Norway.

For the time being, the lava does not appear to be flowing in the direction of Grindavik, while there are fears that the magma will penetrate under the village.

According to the Icelandic Civil Defense, the citizens now know the evacuation process well, and it went smoothly. The background for the eruptions is that geological systems that have been dormant for around 800 years became active again from 2021.

There is no fear that the outbreak will affect air traffic from the country’s main airport, Keflavik.


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