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NewJeans group narrates the British Museum’s official Korean audio guide


The agency ADOR announced on May 14, that NewJeans participated as a volunteer in the recording of the voice introductions of the main exhibitions of the Korean Gallery at the British Museumone of the three most important museums in the world.

“Can’t stop listening to NewJeans? Now you can tune in as they talk about some of the Museum’s most exciting and beautiful objects, from the bronze head of the Roman Emperor Hadrian to a rare Korean “moon jar,” they announced from the account of the British Museum in instagram.

The pieces narrated in Korean by NewJeans include a celadon vase with floral designs, celadon inlay from the 13th century, a white porcelain moon jar from the Joseon Dynasty, a painting of the Four Heavenly Kings of Buddhism, and a traditional Korean architecture of replicated technology from the 18th century, the Sarangbang . NewJeans expressed its pride and joy in its participation, stating: “We are proud and happy to participate in this significant effort that showcases the elegance and beauty of Korea. We hope that many people will listen to us.”

The “Korea” themed tour narrated by Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyeinis available from today (May 14) via the British Museum Audio App.

NewJeans and the British Museum
NewJeans and its collaboration with the British Museum

What happened to Newjeans

Despite the fierce confrontation between HYBE and its record label ADORNewJeans will release his new single ‘How Sweet’ next month on May 24 at midnight EST, with the double-title tracks “How Sweet” and ““Bubble Gum”.

Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein they will also do their official debut in Japan on June 21 with the songs from the double single “Supernatural” and “Right Now.”

Specific, “Right Now” will be released as a CM song in South Korea and Japan in May. They also revealed that the group will have a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27in addition to having plans for a world tour in 2025.

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