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Newly opened portal between New York and Dublin had to close due to indecent behavior


Not all portal users showed off their decent sides, unlike this man in New York who showed off his dog in front of pedestrians in Dublin. Photo: Seth Wenig / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 16.05.2024 06:29:34

Culture and entertainment: The portal was opened on Wednesday 8 May. On Tuesday this week, six days after opening, it had to be closed, several media reports, including the Danish newspaper Berlingskethe local TV station ABC7NY in New York and BBC.

In these days, people queued up to use the portal. There they could see each other and communicate over the roughly 4,800 kilometer stretch between the two cities. Tens of thousands of people have visited the portal, which consists of two identical sculptures with a live video stream between New York and Dublin. The portal is an art project.

But not everyone present could control themselves. In Dublin there were people showing images of the 9/11 attacks to viewers in New York, while in New York there were people exposing themselves to people in Dublin.

Therefore, the portal was closed on Tuesday, says a statement from the Flatiron NoMad Partnership, which is responsible for the installation.

Both the Flatiron NoMad Partnership and Dublin City Council are now looking for solutions to allow the portal to reopen, including using a software update to limit inappropriate behavior, it said.

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