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Nicki Minaj was arrested in Amsterdam while broadcasting live on the network, and reported sabotage


The rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested in Amsterdam for alleged drug possession. The entire situation was broadcast live by the artist herself. Quickly, the request for “Free Nicky”.

What happened to Nicki MInaj in Holland

Nicki Minaj was arrested at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands. where she arrived for her Pink Friday 2 World Tour. The rapper of “Barbie World” used the rd on Saturday, May 25 and shared two videos on Instagram. In one she is seen recording from inside her van and talking to an airport official. The video begins mid-conversation and Minaj can be heard asking, “Tell me again.”

The official says: “The police told me that we have to unload all the luggage and search everything.” The man himself apologizes for the situation, prompting Minaj to ask why the police didn’t search his luggage before putting him on the plane.

At that moment, the official tells her that it was a “random” search, although he also clarifies that it was also because a police officer told him that she had recorded it. “She asked me if she had anything else in those bags and I told her no,” says Minaj. “They grabbed my bags and took them on the plane.” After her comment, the officer apologized again.

In a video captured of the session Instagram Live by Minaj (and shared on X), the rapper is seen surrounded by police officers as they tell her that she is under arrest. The video begins with Minaj asking where she is going, to which a police officer responds with her, “We have to go to the police station.” Minaj asks why she is arrested but they don’t answer her.

When posting the video, Minaj wrote: “They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to all the shows. They took my suitcases before I could see them. They put them on the plane. Now they say they are waiting at customs. This is what it looks like when people are paid a lot of money to try to sabotage a tour.after everything else has failed. “Everything they have done is illegal.”

In another of the videos circulating on the Internet, you can see two police officers who ask him to stop recording and order him to get into the police van. Minaj responds that she is waiting for her lawyer. The officer, holding what is presumably Minaj’s passport, tells the rapper that she can contact her lawyer at the police station. Minaj, without stopping recording, enters the police van. The video ends when the doors close.

Nicki Minaj arrest
Nicki Minaj arrest

For several hours, Minaj told step by step what was happening and where she was. “Now they say that they found weed and that another group of people has to come here to weigh the pre-rolls. Keep in mind that they took my bags without consent. My security has already warned them that those pre-rolls belong to them. Oh yea & the pilot wants me to delete my Instagram post,” he wrote in one of the tweets.

Minaj performed in Amsterdam this week, although he is scheduled to perform on Saturday in Manchester, England, at Co-Op Live. On June 2 he will perform at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

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