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Nico Vázquez surprised Gimena Accardi on her birthday


Gimena Accardi She turned 39 this Monday, May 27 and was surprised by Nico Vazquez in the middle of your program When Eric met Milton (Olga).

The acting couple has been together for 16 years after meeting in Almost angels when he played Nicolás Bauer and she played Malvina Bedoya Agüero, and since then, they have become inseparable.

For that reason, The actor approached the corner of Humboldt and Cabrera to look out the large window and thus surprise his wife. In her hand, I had a tray full of pachos to share with the entire team, among whom were Homero Pettinato and Tomás Kirzner.

Nico Vázquez surprised Gime Accardi on his birthday
Nico Vázquez surprised Gime Accardi on his birthday

Likewise, Nico Vázquez stayed on the program to accompany Gime Accardi on this special day, which ended by blowing out the candle on a cake made of crumb sandwiches that formed the letter G.

Nico Vázquez told what the secret of his relationship with Gimena Accardi is

Nico Vazquez submitted to respond in TN Show the tweets that circulate on the networks about him, and he told details of his relationship with his lifelong partner, Gimena Accardi. Likewise, and after the release of “Tootsie” At Lola Membrives, he spoke without filters about taboos, loves, and personalities.

In his responses, he also talked about his resemblance to Jeremy Allen White and the importance of being “authentic”.

“I was always very sensitive and demonstrative”expressed Vazquez in front of one of X’s posts where they praised him for his personality. ““I feel like I’m perfect for Gime and she’s perfect for me,” about the bond with your partner.

Other posts stated: “Imagine being Nico Vázquez and starting the year by having a mate in the south with Lali Espósito. Goals”. And Nico assured: “That was a photo that La uploaded, I love her. We had the opportunity to spend this end and beginning of the year together with a group of friends. It was beautiful”.

Nico Vázquez and Gimena Accardi
Nico Vázquez and Gimena Accardi

Likewise, the actor responded to another tweet where he was compared to Dario Barassi: “This one makes me a little embarrassed.” And he concluded: “I understand that Barassi is very sensitive, loving like me, and I see it in his posts. He shows it, and it is simply that. There are many people who are like us, or more shy and don’t dare, but it has always come out to me.”

For his part, he talked about how he keeps his relationship alive with Gimena Accardi: “I always say that there is no such thing as a perfect couple. One finds the other part and becomes perfect. I feel like I’m perfect for Gime and she’s perfect for me. But there are a lot that are like us or different and that work very well.”

Finally, to Nico Vazquez They compared him to a Hollywood actor, and he commented: “I feel very flattered because I love him as an actor and I loved his series. “I feel like we have something, he’s younger.”


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