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Nicolás Cabré was involved in a scandal after a neighbor complained: “Take charge”


Nicolás Cabré He was involved in a scandal after a serious complaint from a neighbor and details became known.

Was pochi Gossipeame who gave the information on the air Start the day (City Magazine) and showed screenshots of a user who accused the actor of having his apartment in poor condition and that affected the neighbors.

Scandal with Nicolás Cabré

What happened to Nicolás Cabré

Come on, galán, stop being stupid… and fix what belongs to you. Your apartment is damaging my aunt’s. Take charge now. I ask you to help us spread“, the woman wrote in her Instagram stories along with photos to justify her accusation.

And Pochi explained: “It seems that Cabré has many apartments that he rents. In particular, this apartment has been rented for eight years to the same tenant, which means that This issue, a leak, dates back eight years. It is getting worse and more affecting the quality of life of her neighbor.“.

In turn, Yuyito González spoke live with the neighbor who reported Nicolás Cabré and expressed: “I ask that you take charge of speaking with the administrator. Let him come to an owners’ meeting and be present, because he is the owner. I can’t deal with a tenant who, when I ring the doorbell, tells me that I’m ‘invading’ and kicks me out of the house.“.

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