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Nine bus passengers killed by armed men in Pakistan


Ambulances arrive at a hospital with the nine killed by gunmen in Baluchistan. Photo: Arshad Butt / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 14:03:05

War and conflicts: The bus hijacking took place in Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan on Friday. The same men a little earlier killed two people and injured six in a car that wouldn’t stop for them.

The men set up a roadblock on the main road, stopped the bus and went through the ID cards of all the approximately 70 passengers. They took nine of them with them, all from Punjab in the east, and fled to the mountains.

The police later found the nine bodies under a bridge five kilometers from where they stopped the bus.

A passenger on the bus says that the driver was ordered by the men to drive on, and that he drove straight to the nearest police station.

For many years there has been conflict in Baluchistan, where separatists are fighting for independence.

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