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Nine games receive 15 million in support – the most for one that takes place underwater


The game “Life Below”, where you have to build a coral reef and control the future of the sea, received the most support from the Norwegian Film Institute – close to NOK 5.7 million. Photo: Megapop / NFI / handout / NTB

Of NTB | 28.05.2024 11:03:29

Culture and entertainment: Of the close to NOK 15 million that the Film Institute provides in development grants, NOK 5.7 million goes to the sea game “Life Below” from Megapop – a strategy game where it’s about building up coral reefs and saving the ocean’s future.

The game director for “Life Below” is Lise Hagen Lie, who is part of the Film Institute’s talent program for women in the game industry.

Four of the titles are new games, while the rest have also previously received such development grants. The nine games that are supported have been selected from 39 applications.

– The games in this award round maintain a high creative level and have a wide spread in terms of genre. It is gratifying to see how the producers seize current game trends and give them their own Norwegian distinctive character, says Kaja Hench Dyrlie, section manager for games at NFI.

Other titles that received support include the action role-playing game “Bergtatt”, which has Norwegian black metal aesthetics and a soundtrack from the band Ulver, “Dude, Where Is My Beer 2: A New Hop” – where the player hunts for a regular lager in an Oslo filled with microbreweries and hipsters, and “Pelle Politibil”.

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