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No violations for LSK player Skogvold – discharged from hospital


Lillestrøm’s Henrik Skogvold went to the ground hard after an aerial duel with Sivert Heltne Nilsen. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 13.05.2024 21:50:26

Medicine and health: LSK’s physical trainer Geir Kåsene will arrive on Monday evening with an update to TV 2.

– Henrik is back home after he was at Ahus last night and today. He has been in good hands, and he is grateful for very good follow-up. Henrik has been through several examinations, and it has not been concluded that there are any major injuries. So no breach. He is badly bruised, and he will need a few quiet days before training begins, says Kåsene to the channel.

Skogvold hit the turf with his neck first after a duel with Sivert Heltne Nilsen in Sunday’s elite series match at Åråsen. Afterwards, he had to be helped off the pitch in great pain, before being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

In a update on LSK’s website earlier Monday came coach Andreas Georgson with a report on the situation at Skogvold.

– I got the chance to talk to him on the phone after the match. He was in good spirits, and he wasn’t in too much pain as long as he lay still. It was good to hear, said the LSK coach – and added:

– He is a fellow human being and a person who is incredibly well liked. Like everyone else, he is an important part of our group.

Georgson did not want to advance the outcome of the investigations into Skogvold.

– The initial discomfort has subsided after I was able to speak to him, so we’ll see what the examinations and X-rays show, said the Swede.

He made no secret of the fact that the episode left him shaken.

– It was unpleasant. The way he goes up and then lands makes you think the worst, said the LSK coach.

In the telephone conversation with the coach, Skogvoldmest was concerned with one thing:

– Henrik was most afraid of how long he would be away from football, says Georgson.

LSK’s next task is the May 16 match away to Viking. Next, Fredrikstad are opponents at Åråsen on 20 May.

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