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Noelia, Luisito’s girlfriend from Cuestión de Peso, entered as a new participant with the desire to lose weight to be a mother


Noelia Baez is the new participant of Matter of Weight (El Trece), and she is the girlfriend of Luisito a former participant of the program who lost around 150 kilos, and today has a much healthier life. She is originally from the city of Corrientes and really wants to be a mother.

Mario Massaccesi He presented her on yesterday’s program stating that she came to Buenos Aires at the age of 18 to change her life, and various issues led her to be overweight and postpone her desire to be a mother.

“Her wish, she just said, is to recover that desire to be a mother. That’s why it’s here, among many other things. There are dreams ahead and ahead there is also a scale. We check how his time on Cuestión de peso starts,” Mario emphasized.

After his presentation, he had his first fight with the scale, and it gave him a weight of 124.800 grams. The doctors told him that he has to lose at least 30 kilos and then undergo check-ups to find out whether or not he can become mother.

Finally, Noelia Báez must wait for medical instructions to begin treatment and join her new colleagues in order to reach her maximum goal.

What Luisito said about Weight Matters

Luisito criticized the new season of Matter of weight (The thirteen); However, on Thursday, May 23, she was on the program and broke down when remembering his story.

“I didn’t want to cry, but seeing myself in the tapes is very strong. Matter of weight It was like my home, I came here and did quilombo, I didn’t care about anything. “I went in and out… I did what I wanted and that worked against my health, until I weighed 290 kilos and became aware.”

Regarding when he made the click to change his life forever, Luisito said: “One night I felt pain in my chest and thought I was dying. I went and hugged my mom and told her that she couldn’t take it anymore, that she was going to die fat.. It was like a farewell. I went to sleep and said: ‘I remain in God’s hands.’ “I gave myself up, but God gave me another chance.”

“There I started calling Sergio Verón, asking for help. He told me that they were going to accept me back in the clinic, but this time it was different because I had to become aware,” he recalled.

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