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Nordmøring doubles up in the EC in Rome – training with her cycling pro boyfriend


Hanne Mjøen Maridal runs two distances in the European Athletics Championships in Rome. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB.

Of NTB | 08.06.2024 10:13:11

Sport: Maridal has slowly but surely built up to belong to the Norwegian stop in Norway over the somewhat long distances.

The 27-year-old from Halsa in Heim municipality in Nordmøre is no more short-changed than she doubles in Rome. In April, she also set a personal record in the marathon with an excellent 2.32.14. It happened in Vienna on April 21.

– Then you get a bit tired, and after that it’s been about recovering a bit and getting in shape for the EC, said Maridal during Thursday’s press conference at the Norwegian athletes’ hotel.

– It gave me confidence, and it’s fun to see that I’ve improved so much over the course of a year. It was pressed by almost four minutes. It’s quite motivating.

– The most important thing will be to gain experience. It is the first time I have participated in the European Athletics Championships. But I’m not just happy to be here, I also want to do well. I have to deliver good and smart runs.

– The fact that the half marathon comes first is perhaps just as well. It would have been worse with a half marathon two days after a 10,000 meters with spiked shoes. I also believe that it is in the half marathon that I have the best chance, at least of getting a good time, says the 27-year-old who, in addition to running, works full-time as a rights manager in a technology company.

– He is in France right now and has gotten a bit fit lately.

– I wish he had run a little more, but he sticks to cycling. I take him on some runs, says Maridal.

– I go with him on some bike rides, and he goes with me on some runs. But we are afraid of getting injured, and it is perhaps safest to stick to one’s own sport.

In the autumn, the all-round runner from Nordmøre may focus on cross-country running.

– I haven’t made any plans, but I feel that I may have to prioritize cross-country running a bit more. I’ve said no to it for a couple of years, and the marathon is taking over.

– I haven’t tried this before, but I think it’s stuck in my head. It’s fun to be allowed to experience this.

Maridal has a clear goal with the European Championship in the Italian capital.

Privately, she is with cyclist Idar Andersen from Melhus in Trøndelag. He is part of the Norwegian professional team Uno-X.

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