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Norway hit back against the Danes in the WC run-up


Joakim Aarseth Opsahl scored a great opening goal for Norway against Denmark. The picture is from an elite series match for Lørenskog against Frisk Asker. Photo: Frederik Ringnes / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 15:23:21

Sport: It happened with scores by Joakim Aarseth Opsahl, Håvard Østrem Salsten and Tobias Bjerke Larsen. Norway led 2-0 relatively early on and secured the win even though they occasionally came under pressure.

The match started like a dream with a cheeky goal by Lørenskog winger Opsahl after just two minutes. He shot from an almost dead angle from the right, but outwitted the Danes’ goalkeeper with a shot over his shoulder.

2-0 came on a textbook counterattack when outnumbered after 13 minutes. Thomas Berg-Paulsen and Salsten combined on the way forward and feinted out the Danish goalkeeper, and thus Salsten could put the puck into an empty cage.

The Danes scored shortly after thanks to a good solo performance by Frederik Storm. In the middle period, the Danes were the best team, and Norway was somewhat lucky to come out of it without conceding a goal.

It looked better with another score early in the third period. After weak Danish goalkeeping, Larsen was able to sweep in 3-1 from distance.

Denmark reduced the lead through Niklas Andersen later in the period, but were unable to get an equaliser. Thus, the teams have beaten each other each time in the run-up on Danish ice.

The WC will be played in the Czech Republic starting on 10 May.

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