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Norwegian dream period in the battle of destiny – leading 3-0 against Great Britain


Norway had a lot to cheer about in the first period against Great Britain. Photo: Petr David Josek / AP Photo / NTB

Of NTB | 20.05.2024 17:09:34

Sport: A lot is at stake in Norway’s last group stage game in the World Cup. The Norwegian men are dependent on taking points against Great Britain to save their place in the elite class.

After the first period, it looks bright in Norwegian eyes. Markus Vikingstad, Patrick Thoresen and Eskild Bakke Olsen have all contributed to sending Norway a long step towards a safe place.

The British went straight on the attack in the first period and played themselves into two great opportunities after only a minute had been played. Norway got away with the scare, and Vikingstad could instead send their team up 1-0.

Max Krogdahl fired from long range, and Vikingstad managed beautifully to score the game’s first goal.

– Dream opening for the Norwegian ice warriors, noted Viaplay commentator Jørgen Klem.

A great Norwegian start got even better when Eskild Bakke Olsen made it 3-0 in the 13th minute. Olsen took advantage of British sloppiness in front of his own goal and won the score.

A Norwegian victory in both regular time and extra time will, however, be enough to retain their place at the top level.

On Sunday, it ended with a disappointing 1-4 for Austria after a weak Norwegian game. Only Denmark has had to lose to the Norwegians before Monday. Against Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Finland and Canada, it ended in defeat.

Shortly afterwards it was also 2-0. Captain Thoresen intercepted a weak British pass and squeezed in the second of the game via the post.

Norway has three points after six out of seven games in the World Cup. A loss in regular time for scoreless Great Britain results in relegation. An extra-time loss provides excitement before the British’s final group stage match against Austria.

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