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Not always; vehicle seized in Monterrey is not the Chinese car of 20 thousand pesos

Through social networks, a vehicle similar to the one has gone viral. ChangLi S1-Prorecently popular for its low cost of 20 thousand 389 Mexican pesos, whose size is so practical that it could be received by parcel; however, users have denied that it is the same product.

The first people to disclose the evidence of the supposed “cheapest car in the world” was the page What to eat Monterreywho took a photograph of the vehicle and sentenced: “We already saw the first one in Fidel Vazquez!.

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The post of Facebook earned more than 13 thousand reactions and thousands of commentswhere users tagged each other and talked about the vehicle, however, someone managed to deny that it is the famous Chang Li S1-Pro, but rather, a Bajaj Qute.

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The owner of this piece of furniture even wrote a message so that the inhabitants of the Monterrey municipality stop taking pictures of their vehicle: “Not the 20”says.


According to the brand itself, the Qute “it is the first auto-taxi in India”however, it is classified as a quadricycle, weighs about 400 kilograms and it is 2.75 meters long, 1.31 wide and 1.65 meters high. Its engine, installed at the rear, It is a single cylinder gasoline of 217 cm³with a power of 20 CV, according to Motor1.com.

Likewise, they emphasize that it can also work with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas). On the gearbox, they indicate that it is a five-speed robotic transmission.

$!The Bajaj QUTE is also small in question, and generates very little gas mileage.

The Bajaj QUTE is also small in question, and generates very little gas mileage.

can barely reach 70 kilometers per hour, and its fuel consumption is very low, ranging between 2.3 and 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers; its price ranges from 50 thousand Mexican pesoshowever, it is also criticized for its low securitysince it does not include airbags or any type of security or assistance system.

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