Ok Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato to star in new romantic drama “Soul Mate”

Ok Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato to star in new romantic drama “Soul Mate”

Ok Taecyeonfrom the iconic K-Pop group 2PM, and Isomura Hayato will star in a new Japanese Netflix series,“Soul Mate”The series, which is set to air next year, is the second collaboration between Japan and Korea in 2024 for Netflix.

Netflix revealed the first poster of the actors along with the message: “Through the cities of Berlin, Seoul and Tokyo, the series tells a 10-year love story between two men.”.

The drama stars Japanese actor Hayato Isomuraknown for his roles in “Alice in Borderland”, “Kinou Nani Tabeta?” and “Kamen Rider Ghost”among others, and the Korean singer Ok Taec-yeonfrom the second generation K-Pop boyband 2PM.

What is the Soul Mate series with Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato about?

Written and directed by Hashizume Shunki, “Soul Mate” will tell a love story between two men spanning 10 years and crossing the cities of Berlin, Seoul and Tokyo. Isomura Hayato will play Ryu Narutaki​a man who left everything behind in Japan, while Taecyeon will play Johan Hwang, a boxer who has not attended to his emotional wounds. After Johan saves Ryu’s life in a foreign church, the two men’s chance meeting ends up changing them both forever as they They gradually learn about the meaning of life and love.

Ok Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato to star in new romantic drama “Soul Mate”
Ok Taecyeon and Isomura Hayato in “Soul Mate”

“Soul Mate” explores this profound journey of souls connecting and enduring over the years despite the distance. This series is a heartfelt depiction of love and its complexities, such as joy, pain, and deep, unexplainable bonds.

About his role, Isomura said: “The script touched me with its love story amidst sadness and pain, and the incredible 10-year story arc created by director Hashizume has drawn me into the character. Working with Ok Taec-yeon has been inspiring; her charm draws me in more and more every day.” Filming in Japan, Korea and Germany gives the project a truly global feel.”

Taec-yeonfor his part, expressed: “I am very happy to appear in ‘Soul Mate‘. Since there were so many types of characters and genres that I hadn’t tried yet, I wanted to gradually broaden my spectrum (as an actor) and discover new facets of myself, and right then I received the offer to star in ‘Soul Mate.'”

“Johan Hwang’s character intrigued me, and his internal struggles and pain stayed with me long after I read the script. To prepare, I lost weight and underwent boxing training, and I have continued to train diligently throughout filming to portray Johan as best as possible.”

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