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Oky Appo responded to Tuli Acosta for telling about the violence she suffered when they were a couple: “You just used me, like you do with everyone”


Tuli Acosta said that she suffered violence from an ex-partner, Ok Appo He picked up the gauntlet and responded through an online release.

Tuli, turn the story however you want. You go on a program to talk only about me, to invent things that occur to you to say after years of being a girlfriend.“, wrote the influencer through his X account. And he continued: “Deep down in your heart you know how things were, even if you lie to everyone. That’s the truth, a lack of respect for your boyfriend. It’s been three years, when are you going to get over me?“.

Oky Appo responded to Tuli Acosta

“The good things are not blamed, but the bad things are? Tuli, you never loved me, you just used me like you do with everyone, I gave you everything I had and more to make you happy. Sorry for not being enough, I don’t know what else you want me to tell you. I continued your life, just as when I cut you off, two weeks later you were with Lit Killah“he continued.

Then, Oky made reference to the situation that Tuli told about one of his pets, which he implied that he took it out when they once fought: “What is my fault that you have not taken good care of your dogs? Responsibility It’s yours, not mine, I kept you crying for 24 hours when you prayed for them to appear and luckily I was able to find one and give him to you alive and today you have him next to you.

Then, in another part of his defense he made some reproaches: “2024 and you continue talking about me. You saw the battle of Sony and Coqeéin for sure and now you want to be Joaqui and not Tuli. You didn’t live in a villa, I took you to live in Nordelta, you didn’t have a penny and I got you a contract with Twitch for 5 thousand USD, you wanted the verified Instagram and there you have it. I didn’t make you go to work, I took you to Cancun. What a bad boyfriend, the worst thing that ever happened to you, honestly.”

Oky Appo responded to Tuli Acosta

“Do you think that all this happens out of nowhere? That it’s not all premeditated? That they hold her hand while she cries, that she goes on a program to talk about how bad I was? Any arrangement by the manager to raise numbers and make me look bad. PS: he is my former manager,” he concluded. Ok Appo.

What Tuli Acosta said

Tuli Acosta was present at the special program that took place in Olga for the 9th anniversary of the movement Not one less and revealed the situation of violence he suffered from his ex-partner.

On the streaming channel led by Migue Granados They made an edition full of women so they could tell different experiences they have had to live and reflect on the society in which we live. Some celebrities such as Nati Jota, Luciana Geuna, Paula Chaves, Flor Torrente, Sofía Jujuy and the streamer were present.

This is how Lit Killah’s current partner was encouraged to tell, for the first time, the difficult relationship she experienced with her ex-boyfriend: “Having been very exposedthat was where everything came in, ‘If you leave me, all this will turn against you’ or ‘you are with me for such and such a thing and if you leave me alone you are confirming this’. So, I didn’t want to tell him all these things that you tell me because if I left him I would be doing it.”

“It happened to me that I gave myself a lot emotionally and, at having isolated myself from the people who grounded me, I started to believe everything he told me. I felt that she was being completely sincere, transparent and, suddenly, having that feedback is like ‘ah, I am this’. And, it happened to me after I had the loss of the closest person I had, which was my dog, that one day I got into a fight and left the house and came back and it had disappeared. And, supposedly, he left and it was a chihuahua who are afraid, they don’t go anywhere and that was the way out that I had to say ‘I’m leaving this house’. I never knew what happened to my dog“, he expressed with great pain and anguish.

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