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Olga announced the line-up for Spinetta Day at the Teatro Colón: which artists will be present


Olga announced the line-up for the Spinetta Day which will take place on May 22 at the Teatro Colón in tribute to the Argentine musician.

As a fan of Luis Alberto Spinetta, Migue Granados He summoned a series of artists, both national rock and popular genres, to offer a festival singing their songs. To do this, he joined forces with Lucas Fridman and the daughter of the artist and Patricia Salazar, Cata Spinetta.

In this way they confirmed that the following will be present at the event: Abel Pintos, Benja Amadeo, Ca7riel, David Lebón, Juanse, Lisandro Aristimuño, Luz Gaggi, Mery Granados, Nahuel Pennisi, Rubén Goldín, Tripa, Vocat.

Line-up confirmed for Spinetta Day
Line-up confirmed for Spinetta Day

What Spinetta Day is about

Just like they did with “Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota”, They invited different artists to sing and play songs by the renowned musician. Furthermore, he said that “this day I am going to cry a lot because, for me, it is the most beautiful thing we are going to do.”

He announced that “two thousand people will be able to go for freeOf course.” However, he asked his community to prioritize those who consume this style of music: “For those who watch us every day, let’s try not to be rude to each other. Let’s go not those who don’t consume us, but those who like this music“.

“It’s like we play Los Redondos and you go with a double bass to see Lucas (Fridman), don’t be a shameface“exemplified the driver.

Finally, Migue Granados announced that “it’s going to be a gala, it’s going to be a party of the san put*. In May we are going to do Spinetta Day at the Teatro Colón“.


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