Olga will launch an application with a surprise for her viewers

Olga will launch an application with a surprise for her viewers

Olga announced that they are working on an application so that your viewers can listen to the program without having to spend mobile data.

This is how they announced on their networks: “We are working on Olga’s app, so you can listen to us without burning your data”.

However, criticism was not long in coming as, on the networks, they misinterpreted that it was a radio station. So, Migue Granados He came out to explain in his account X (ex Twitter): “It’s not going to be a shitty radio station. It will be our app, so you can watch or listen directly there and save data from your plan. The end.”

Olga will launch an application with a surprise for her viewers
Olga is creating an app

Furthermore, the creator of the streaming channel added: “It’s your own ‘YouTube’ if you want. Only online. Greetings”.

Tension in Olga: they simulated a robbery and the police showed up

Gimena Accardi proposed to simulate a robbery in mid-air Olga And even though it was a joke, the police showed up and tension arose.

The actress is part of the program When Eric met Milton and together with his companions they planned to commit a robbery on the street, on the corner of Humboldt and Cabrera.

We stopped a robbery. Who is there to act like a thief and a robber?“Accardi asked the people who were outside the studio listening to the program.

At the end of the program, two young people carried out the planned scene and immediately several police officers appeared to stop the situation. “No, guys! No! Oh, the policeman!“, Gimena said.

“The police thought it was real, there was a huge mess,” said one of the members of the streaming cycle. Seeing that the police did not believe people that it was a joke, the actress went out into the street with the microphone to clarify what happened: “Good afternoon… we were making a scene. We apologize, sorry. It went wrong.“.

It was a joke that went wrong. Today’s program is impressive. The police, thieves… This is how we are, in Buenos Aires, doing everything possible to be the best program of your life,” she concluded with amusement. Gimena Accardi.


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