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Once again high season of animal dumping


Of thomas | 06.06.2024 18:40:02

Animal welfare: It’s heading towards a joint holiday, and both adults and children are looking forward to the summer holidays. At Animal Protection Norway Haugaland, the atmosphere is completely different. They are once again experiencing a huge influx of animals being dumped and left to fend for themselves, sometimes resulting in a brutal death.

Managing Director i Animal Protection Norway Haugaland, Elisabeth Ellingsen, is almost in tears during an interview with Radio Haugaland. Ellingsen emphasizes that it is a criminal offense to leave animals in a helpless state according to the Animal Welfare Act.

She tells of several ugly episodes of animals being dumped, sometimes brutally. If you do a search on Google, articles from various media about e.g. cats being thrown out of speeding cars or dumped into the sea in a bag to drown. The stories are many and strong reading for most animal lovers.

Animals at Finn:
A search on yields over 1,200 hits on animals that are either given away or for sale. Ellingsen does not have good words to say about the advertising website.

– Finn makes me sick to my stomach. I see people giving away kittens for free, but what people don’t realize is that cats in particular need worming, neutering/sterilizing and chipping, which costs quite a bit of money.

Ellingsen rather encourages people to adopt through them, as they get all this at a more reasonable price than by going to a vet. She reminds that they have adoption day next Sunday (June 9). Haugesund Riding Centre from 12-3pm.

Requests support from municipalities in Haugalandet:
Ellingsen says that they do not receive any support whatsoever from the various municipalities in Haugalandet. She hopes they can help support them, as they otherwise depend on animal friends to support them in various ways.


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