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One day before getting married, Jésica Cirio spoke about Elias Piccirillo: “He was in the worst moment”


Jésica Cirio will marry businessman Elías Piccirillo on May 26. In this framework, she told how she lived the previous hours and how she was supported by her partner in the most difficult moments after the separation from Martín Insaurralde, father of her daughter, media scandal in the middle.

Who is Jésica Cirio’s new husband?

Jessica Cirio39 years old, and the businessman Elias Piccirillo, also 39, will go through civilian life in May. The party will be at the Duhau Palace. The ceremony will be for approximately 80 friends.

“(Elías) He came into my life at a time of great turbulence, very difficult, and he knew how to stand firm and do everything that a person who loves has to do. “This is how we get to what we are going to see tomorrow,” said Cirio in dialogue with La Once Diez/Radio de la Ciudad.

Jesica Cirio and Elías Piccirillo
Jesica Cirio and Elías Piccirillo

In this way, the host and model valued the position that Piccirillo assumed from the moment they met: “He didn’t want something temporary, and he made that very clear to me from day one. “If we didn’t take this relationship seriously, he preferred not to get involved.” Likewise, he indicated that “ever since she proposed marriage to me, something that I did not expect even though we had a lot of plans for being in love, we have been dreaming of this moment. “Both of our schedules were complicated, and we were just lucky enough to get married on the same day we saw each other for the first time.”

Finally, she was grateful for the moment she is living. “I am absolutely convinced that I am in a very peaceful moment in my life.”, I found a person who shares ideas, enjoys, and that is not found every day. “It is the best way to celebrate life, becoming family,” she concluded.

Who is Elías Piccirillo, Jesica Cirio’s boyfriend

Elias Piccirillo He is a businessman, Shareholder and Director of the Sucredito Card and Director of Banco Sucredito, he is 39 years old and is dating Jessica Cirio Since the end of June of last year, in December they went to live together.

Weeks ago, former Telefe host spoke without a filter about his relationship with Elías Piccirillo and revealed the couple’s intimacies. The model interacted with her followers on her Instagram through the question box and when they asked her if she was having a lot of sex, she was honest: “A lot a lot a lot. I think she shows it in my happy face.“.

At the same time, Jessica Cirio She told what made her fall in love with her boyfriend: “We have a beautiful relationship, we are super buddies, we get up and train together, we share talks, we advise each other and we have very nice moments. AND The most important thing of all is that we have a healthy relationshipwhich today is the most difficult thing.”

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