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One in five Norwegians say they will boycott Eurovision because of Israel’s participation


It is Eden Golan who represents Israel in this year’s Eurovision. Large demonstrations are expected in Malmö on Thursday as a result of her performance in the second semi-final. Photo: Martin Meissner / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/09/2024 14:16:14

Culture and entertainment: Two out of three Norwegian Eurovision viewers also answer that they think Israel should not be allowed to participate in the popular song contest, according to The VG survey.

The backdrop for the investigation is the debate that has raged in recent months about whether Israel should participate as long as the war in Gaza continues. Israel’s attack in recent days against the southern border town of Rafah, where over one million internally displaced people have sought refuge, has added fuel to the fire.

NRK broadcasts Eurovision in Norway. Entertainment editor Charlo Halvorsen says he thinks it is natural that many believe Israel should not be allowed to participate.

– But it is a decision NRK is not involved in, he says to VG.

– Whether you choose to spend the evening watching Eurovision must be decided by the audience.

On Thursday evening, Norway’s contribution, Gåte and the song “Ulveham”, will be in the semi-finals – as the penultimate performance of the evening, right after Israel, which is represented by Eden Golan and the song “Hurricane”.

Large demonstrations are expected in Malmö on Thursday as a result of Israel’s performance.

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