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Open competition for admission of new agents in PSP – News

The tender procedure for setting up a recruitment reserve for admission to the Agent Training Course (CFA) for entering the career of police officers and the PSP music band shows that interested parties can do, between today and 27 March, the application through the PSP recruitment portal.

In a statement, the national management of the PSP recalls that last year some conditions for access to the training course for agents were changed, namely the minimum and maximum age for admission, changing to 18 and 30 years, respectively, and candidates can find to attend the 12th year of schooling.

The PSP also indicates that for military personnel who have provided military service under a contract, special contract or voluntary service, the effective service time provided is deducted from the chronological age of citizens, up to a limit of four years.

That police underlines that it “actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities between men and women in access to employment and professional progression” and encourages all citizens who “meet the conditions for this purpose and who wish to contribute to a safer and more inclusive society to submit an application to join the PSP, regardless of ancestry, sex, race, language, territory of origin, religion, political or ideological beliefs, education, economic situation, social condition or sexual orientation”.

The notice published in Diário da República also mentions that the open tender procedure aims to set up a recruitment reserve to fill vacancies for admission to the training course for police officers and the training course for band agents who come to be defined by joint order of the Ministers of Finance and Internal Administration.

In the tender opened last year, close to 4,000 people applied and, after the applications were validated and tests were given, 648 entered the agent training course, which began in December.

This ongoing course for new police officers was open to admit 1,020 officers, which means that 40% of vacancies were left unfilled.

The president of the Union Association of Police Professionals (ASPP/PSP), Paulo Santos, told Lusa that currently attending the training course for agents at the Police Practice School (EPP), in Torres Novas, Santarém, about 570 candidates, having already given up close to 80.

Paulo Santos stated that it is useful to open a recruitment pool, with “the need to open competitions in the PSP being evident”.

“The question that arises is whether there are conditions in the tenders to fill the needs. What we do know is that in the opening of the last contests, especially in the last one, those who competed were far below what would be the needs”, he explained.

The ASPP president underlined that there is a problem in the PSP of lack of attractiveness, which is related to low wages, working conditions and the particularity of the profession.

The trade unionist also advanced to Lusa that they will send, between today and Tuesday, a letter to the Ministry of Internal Administration to ask for the opening of a negotiation process to change the remuneration tables.

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